WeaveMaker User's Manual
Welcome to the WeaveMaker User's Manual

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WeaveMaker is the perfect software tool for you, the intermediate to advanced designer of woven fabrics, working for a mill or as a free-lancer, designing by hand or with CAD software, and wanting to

  • increase your personal productivity
  • spend more time on design and less on tedious thread-by-thread editing
  • create fresh, new looks
  • use longer repeats
  • use color more effectively
  • tackle complex weave structures and color arrangements
  • generate full-featured mill tickets
WeaveMaker is highly automated. Much of the work you now do by hand, it does automatically. And communicating your ideas to the mill is a snap. WeaveMaker puts enormous emphasis on color accuracy. Used carefully, WeaveMaker helps ensure that the color you see on the screen, and the color you see on paper, match the color of your yarn samples.

You do not have to be a weaver to be a designer. But to do woven design, you have to understand the essentials of what the weaver and the loom do. Thus, to make effective use of WeaveMaker, you need some basic weaving design knowledge. WeaveMaker is a rather technical design program, emphasizing weave structures and color arrangements. If your only interest is recoloring designs done by other people, or doing color arrangements that consist of broad, simple stripes on a plain weave, you will find WeaveMaker helpful, but there will be parts of it which you will never touch.

But by learning a bit more about weaving, you can get into those more advanced parts of WeaveMaker, and this will help your designs, your profits, and your value as a designer.

And because WeaveMaker generates detailed mill tickets which help ensure that your designs are effectively communicated to the mill, you do not have to waste time writing out lengthy descriptions of your design.

The Advanced Designer
For the advanced designer, WeaveMaker is heavenly. Never before have you been able to generate dozens of designs per minute (rather than per day). You can navigate instantly between just structure, just color, and full color-and-weave views of your design.

You can do things in whatever order appeals to you. Want to start with a color arrangement and add a weave later? No problem. Or do the structure first, and then drop in color. Or go back and forth: design a structure, add color, then adjust the structure (temporarily taking color away if you wish), then do more color. No problem.

And powerful whole-fabric float analysis lets you quickly sort out impractical designs. Or, since the whole-fabric float display instantly reacts to your changes, you can take a float-ridden design and edit it manually, getting immediate feedback on the effect your changes make in the floats, so in the space of a minute or two you can salvage a design which before you would have abandoned.