WeaveMaker User's Manual — Library Menu
The library menu provides a collection of standard, fixed weave structures: threadings, tie-ups, treadlings, and peg plans.

The first four items in the Library Menu help you quickly set up certain standard loom warp or weft configurations, such as tabby (plain weave), straight draws, and point draws. As their names suggest, these change only the threading, tie-up, treadling, or peg plan. The remainder of the Library menu are whole-fabric designs.

Each of these fills in all of the threading, tie-up, treadling, and peg plan, which in turn gives an entirely new weave structure. Several color arrangements are also provided in the Library menu.

Those items which end in the word “Variations” generate a different weave or color arrange-ment each time they are clicked. There will be a family resemblance among the patterns they create, but you can click again and again to get countless variations.

If you have a favorite weave structure you’d like to see added to the Library menu, you can either send Designer Software the design elements (threading and peg plan, for example) or a sample of the fabric, the latter approach being the more expensive.