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Macintosh OS X

Version 9

To use Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later, you will need to have version 9 of WeaveMaker. Not sure which Mac OS you're running? Click here.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.2.6 for OS X
Fixes the problem of not being able to open a file that defines more than 127 treadles.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.2.5 for OS X
Fixes a crash upon launch when the language is set to Japanese.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.2.4 for OS X
Improves the display of the heddles per harness plot. There is more room for the numeric display of the counts, and resizing the window expands the plot.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.2.3 for OS X
Fixes a crash in Algebraic editing of the threading and/or treadling.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.2.2 for OS X
Corrects printing crash if there are two or three design files open and the second one to be opened had a large number of colors.
Opens a design properly when it is double-clicked and WeaveMaker is not currently running.
Corrects menu words and hilighting when switching between a treadled design and one that uses a pegplan.
Consistently brings the Remarks window to the front when opening a design file that has remarks.
Fixes the Design window being blank after printing (in Mac OS X 9).

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.2.1 for OS X
Corrects the problem of the Warp Actions triangle in the Tools window being disabled. See this page of the manual if you are unsure of what the "actions" triangle looks like and does.
Corrects a discrepancy between the user's manual and the software for Algebraic input. The manual says that an incomplete entry (where the algebraic input specifies fewer ends or picks than are contained in the design) is repeated to fill up the warp or weft, but the software didn't do that. Now it does.
Improves several error messages in Algebraic input mode to provide more and better explanations, rather than just saying there's incorrect input. Also fixes the display of the count of ends or picks specified by the current input.
Corrects the confusing and incorrect double appearance of the word "Denting" in the View menu. The second appearance should actually be "Stop Motion" and now so reads.
Fixes the incorrect coloring of the Fabric Swatch in printouts.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.2.0 for OS X
Fixes a crash when clicking the Edit button in the Color Mixer.
Fixes a crash on Mountain Lion caused by the "Mouseover Help" (the little yellow popup windowsthat give help information).
Fixes reversal of "Cut" on the tie-up and pegplan.
Fixes "Save As" leaving the old file name in the View menu.
Fixes Remarks text not being saved properly on some computers.
Fixes the problem of not reading "over 32" files properly from versions 8 and older. Ifyou have files with more than 32 harnesses or treadles, please see the“Over 32” Designs entryin the Frequently Asked questions.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.1.6 for OS X
Fixes the problem of failing to properly convert from treadling to peg planwhen the number of harnesses is 32 or less, and the number of treadles exceeds 32.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.1.5 for OS X
Fixes the Treadles 8 menu item so you really get 8 treadles, not 84 treadles.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.1.4 for OS X
Fixes the swapped "Select Entire Treadling" with "Select Entire Tie-up."

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.1.3 for OS X
Fixes problem of crashing when closing all open designs, i.e. if you had threedesigns open and close them all, when you close the final one WeaveMaker would sometimes crash.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.1.2 for OS X
Fixes problem with pasting in the threading when thedesign has a large number of ends but few picks.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.1.1 for OS X
Fixes an intermittent crash that happens when opening a palette file.

Download WeaveMaker MI 9.1.0 for OS X
Completely re-written for Lion. You must haveMac OS X 10.6.8 or later to run Version 9.

Version 8

Version 8 New Features (Click for details)
Note: this version runs ONLY under Mac OS X; it won't run under Mac OS 9 or earlier.

Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.6 for OS X [5-17-10]
No change to WeaveMaker, but a new installer that is better integrated with Mac OS X. This downloads as a .dmg file. Double-click it, then drag the WeaveMaker folder to your Applications folder. The WeaveMaker software application is inside the folder you just dragged to your Applications.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.6 for OS X [3-3-08]
Fixes the problem that the Tech Support menu item returns the message "there is no technical support available".
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.5 for OS X [2-29-08]
Fixes a bug which prevented WeaveMaker from running on Mac OS X 10.3 for some people.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.4 for OS X [1-28-08]
Fixes a bug in which, having two designs already open, opening a third design file often results in a "color mapping" error.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.3 for OS X [10-23-07]
Fixes a bug introduced into 8.5.2, which causes parts of the Tools and Draft windows to go black.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.2 for OS X [10-13-07]
Fixes a crash when reducing the number of harnesses in treadling mode.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.1 for OS X [10-2-07]
Fixes a crash when enlarging the fabric window.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.0 for OS X [7-20-07]
Improves the registration process for use with Mac OS X 10.4.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.6 for OS X [12-31-06]
Fixes the problem of buttons turning black in the AVL Cartridge window. Also improves the text of the error message when attempting to write more than 24 pegs to the cartridge.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.5 for OS X (for 10.4) [8-28-06]
Improves WeaveMaker's printing to a Lexmark printer. Prior to this version, only blank pages were printed to Lexmark printers. This version prints satisfactorily, although the margins and some other spacings on the page are too large. These will be corrected in a subsequent release.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.2 for OS X (for 10.4) [10-28-05]
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.2 for OS X (for 10.3 and earlier) [7-20-05]
Improves the behavior of WeaveMaker when opening a file from a read-only source, such as a CD-ROM. Rather than giving a cryptic error message about file permissions, it opens the file and warns you that you cannot save it back to the read-only medium.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.7 for OS X [10-18-04]
Fixes a problem with Algebraic Treadling. When going into Algebraic Treadling, the expression that appeared didn't correctly represent the existing treadling. Now, the expression you see is correct for the existing treadling.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.6 for OS X [8-25-04]
Fixes a problem with printing of the wool simulation. Removes the restriction of only installing on Mac OS X 10.2 or higher; this version will install on any Mac OS X.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.5 for OS X [8-18-04]
Adds "Wool Simulation" to the print options when printing a fabric swatch. Fixes several bugs in the Macomber driver, including one involving the keyboard up and down arrows. Adds a Dobbytron loom driver.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.4 for OS X [5-19-04]
Fixes a bug in the AVL CompuDobby-III driver. If you design in WeaveMaker with fewer harnesses than you have physically in the loom, you won't get the extra harnesses lifting. For example, if you have a 16 harness loom but set WeaveMaker to just 4 harnesses, prior to this version, when you wove, harnesses 5-16 would always lift.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.2 for OS X [4-2-04]
Fixes a nasty bug involving Save As. The symptoms vary. But either during Save As, or the next time you try to save a file, WeaveMaker crashes. This version also has improved handling of dobby weaving. Prior to this version, when you exited weaving mode, the harnesses on your loom would not necessarily drop to rest position. That's now fixed.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.1 for OS X [2-2-04]
Fixes the "knfw-susp" bug, which causes an occasional crash in WeaveMaker, displaying the text "knfw-susp". If you experience this crash, please upgrade to this version.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3 for OS X [10-18-03]
Changes the way the fabric window is displayed. Prior to this version, you only saw one repeat. Now, the design is repeated as needed to fill the window. Also, corrects a bug in which the fabric simulation menu doesn't get checkmarks on the selected items.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2.7 for OS X [10-4-03]
Fixes a bug that permits you to save two different designs under a single file name. Here is an example of the bug (that's now fixed): Launch WeaveMaker, then create two new designs, not by opening a saved design, but by using "New" in the File menu. Save one of the designs, calling it "A" (for example). Now, save the second design, and also name it "A". WeaveMaker lets you get away with this, which it shouldn't. You now have two different designs which are being saved into the same file. This is very bad! The next time you try to save, WeaveMaker will crash. 8.2.7 fixes this bug.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2.6 for OS X [10-3-03]
Fixes a large number of menu items that are incorrectly grayed out when designing with more than 32 harnesses.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2.3 for OS X [8-25-03]
Extends WIF support above 32 harnesses.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2.2 for OS X [8-9-03]
Fixes an error in handling the "Multiple Treadles" option in the Preferences, in which the setting isn't remembered properly when you shut down the software. If you are having trouble setting multiple treadles in the treadling, please upgrade to this version.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2.1 for OS X [6-24-03]
Fixes an error in reading and writing to a pattern cartridge for the AVL Compu-Dobby Type II. Fixes an error in Print Setup which sometimes caused it not to appear.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2 for OS X [6-12-03]
Gives "mouseover help" (the little yellow explanations) for OS X; this feature wasn't fully ported to Mac OS X in version 8.0 and 8.1, but now it's fully available. The registration keys are once again consistent between the Mac and Windows versions (in 8.0 and 8.1 for the Mac, the registration key was unique to the Mac).
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.1.2 for OS X [5-14-03]
Fixes a bug that prevents some users from getting the 30-day demo. If you have an earlier version and you can't register the software when you type "Demo" in the name or key fields, switch to this version.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.1.1 for OS X [4-29-03]
Adds support for the Louet Octado dobby loom, and has changes in the Dobby Type menu to make it clearer that WeaveMaker also handles the Magic (24 harness) and Megado (16/32 harness) looms from Louet. Also, fixes a bug in "Save As" and in opening WIF files.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.0.3 for OS X [4-16-03]

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