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Windows XP/98/NT/2000

Statement of Direction for Windows operating systems (posted 12-17-05).

Download WeaveMaker MI 8.6.0 [3-27-10]
Fixes two bugs, in Print Preview and Print Draft, that have crept in due to changes in the underlying operating system software:
1) In Print Preview, the text can be five times its correct size, so that the text sprawls all over the page.
2) In Print Draft, the text may be too large, or it may be missing altogether.

Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.0 [7-20-07]
Improves registration under the Vista operating system.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.5 [5-19-07]
Changes how "reverse" (pressing the "r" key) works in the Macomber loom driver. Up to this version, "r" reversed the direction of weaving and moved the active pick to the last pick woven, which is correct. However, the new lift pattern was not sent to the loom, giving a "dead pedal". Cycling the loom fixed this, but advanced an additional pick, putting you one past the point where you wanted to be. As of this version, the lift pattern is sent immediately to the loom.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.4 [2-20-06]
Fixes a crash in Wool Simulation when the number of ends or picks per inch is small.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.3 [12-17-05]
Experimental version, with a potential work-around to a problem experienced by a user under Windows 2000.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.2 [12-13-05]
Fixes two bugs, both in printing. When printing the drawdown in color, only the weft colors showed up--the warp was always black. Also, the count of pages shown in Print Preview was incorrect (often quite dramatically). Fixed in this version.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.1 [4-15-05]
Fixes a wonderfully obscure bug (how do people find these things?). If you click on a repeat or action control in the Tools window, you pop up a list of repeat options or actions. While running your mouse over these options, if you then received an instant message or an e-mail arrived, the list of options would sometimes disappear (depending upon your e-mail or messaging software and how you had it configured). Fixed in this version.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.4.0 [4-8-05]
Fixes a bug in which dragging a large number of replacement colors into the Colorway window crashed the software. Fixes the incorrect display of "Warp Threads" when you change the number of weft threads.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.9 [3-11-05]
Fixes the problem of the not all the repeat options showing in the Tools window (the bottom of the popup window was cut off, so the final one or two options could not be seen).
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.8 [12-31-04]
(1) Fixes the problem of the threading being cleared when increasing an existing design to 32 harnesses. (2) Fixes Browse crash. (3) Fixes the problem of the printout not showing the entire design, when opening a file created by the Pro version of WeaveMaker, in the MI version. (4) Fixes the problem of the color chips not refreshing when editing colors.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.6 [11-14-04]
Fixes a problem with Algebraic Treadling. When going into Algebraic Treadling, the expression that appeared didn't correctly represent the existing treadling. Now, the expression you see is correct for the existing treadling. Adds DoWeave chain file creation (Pro version only), including stop motion.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.5 [8-12-04]
Adds "Wool Simulation" to the print options when printing a fabric swatch. Corrects a bug when printing in draft mode on Epson printers (output is the wrong size). Fixes several annoying little bugs that arose when printing repeatedly.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.4 [5-15-04]
Corrects a bug introduced in 8.3.3 in which the Print Preview command changes into Print.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.3.3 [5-12-04]
Changes the way the fabric window is displayed. Prior to this version, you only saw one repeat. Now, the design is repeated as needed to fill the window. Fixes a bug in Grid Options which caused a crash when you tried to change the ends and picks that are exported. Fixes a bug in Export Grids in which the pegplan is exported whether or not you selected it for exporting. Fixes a bug which causes a crash when saving a file that has a large number of colors, colorways, and has long color names and descriptions.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2.5 [9-26-03]
Fixes a mistake whereby "Show Fabric in 3-D" was accidently omitted from "Pro" installations of version 8.2.4. Most people using 8.2.4 will have "Show Fabric in 3-D", and if so, don't need to upgrade to this version.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2.4 [9-22-03]
Extends WIF support above 32 harnesses. For Dornier (DoWeave) chain files, sets the filling density, speed, and warp tension to 1 rather than 0. This permits the loom operator to see those parameters as desired, at the loom, rather than locking them at 0.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.2.2 [8-17-03]
Fixes an error in handling the "Multiple Treadles" option in the Preferences, in which the setting isn't remembered properly when you shut down the software. If you are having trouble setting multiple treadles in the treadling, please upgrade to this version.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.1.2 [5-14-03]
Fixes a bug that prevents some users from getting the 30-day demo. If you have an earlier version and you can't register the software when you type "Demo" in the name or key fields, switch to this version. Adds support for the Louet Octado dobby loom, and has changes in the Dobby Type menu to make it clearer that WeaveMaker also handles the Magic (24 harness) and Megado (16/32 harness) looms from Louet.
Download WeaveMaker MI 8.0.3 [4-16-03] ♣  New  ♣   WeaveMaker Version 8  ♣   Click Here for Details

Download WeaveMaker MI 7.99.4 [3-26-03]
Additional support for Dornier's special directory (see also 7.99.1).
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.99.3 [3-13-03]
Additional support for Dornier's special directory (see also 7.99.1) and extension.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.99.2 [3-6-03]
Adds support for Dornier's special directory (see also 7.99.1) and extension.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.99.1 [2-11-03]
Adds support for Dornier's "DoWeave" file format, for transferring chains to a Dornier loom.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.99 [1-23-03]
Fixes a crash triggered by making a large number of changes to color chips in the colorway window.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.95 [11-1-02]
Fixes a conflict between enabling dobby drivers for Dornier looms and having AVL as the vendor of the software. Don't be too concerned if this doesn't exactly make sense, or if you're wondering if this conflict might be causing you problems. It isn't. It affected exactly one customer, who has been notified to download this new version.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.94 [7-22-02]
Fixes a crash that occurs in Windows XP if you click the "File" menu just after launching WeaveMaker, while the splash screen is still visible.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.93 [5-10-02]
Fixes a crash that occurs upon launch of 7.91 and 7.92 for users who have the "One" key. The "Pro" keys are not affected.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.92 [5-9-02]
7.92 has a new feature and a bug fix, both involving the dobby loom drivers. New feature: in the Dobby menu there is a new entry called "DobbyPick". Click on this to show the pick at which dobby weaving will commence. You can also use this to change the starting pick. Bug fixes: entering dobby mode when the design is being shown in treadling now works correctly. WeaveMaker converts the design to peg plan, on the fly, pick by pick, as you weave. The second fix corrects an error when sending information to an AVL CompuDobby-III that has more harnesses than appear within the design. For example, if you have a 16 harness loom but only have 8 harnesses specified in your design. In such a case, previous versions of the software did not ensure that harnesses 9-16 remain inactive. The third fix involves saving the dobby pick number when you save the design. In previous versions, if the dobby pick number was 1 it got saved in the design file as 256. So if you stopped weaving, saved your design, later opened the design, and tried to resume weaving, you would be on the wrong pick.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.91 [5-8-02]
7.91 lets you save Print Options settings and later retrieve them. For details, go to Print Options, click "Remember as..." and then click "Tell Me More". Another new feature lets you lock the screen and printer colors together, so they behave as a single color. This is useful if you have software on your computer that makes screen colors and printer colors match exactly.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.87 [4-15-02]
7.87 improves WIF (Weaving Interchange File) color compatibility with certain other weaving software. Fixes a problem in Windows NT when printing to HP Laserjet printers.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.86 [4-11-02]
7.86 fixes several problems related to printing to HP LaserJet printers in Windows 98 and Windows 2000.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.85 [4-5-02]
7.85 corrects an error when reading in the weft colors from a WIF file. It also has a new look to the Print Options window, to make it easier to read, with no change in how the Print Options work.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.84 [3-18-02]
7.84 eliminates the "KHWN-SUSP" error in Windows 2000.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.83 [3-11-02]
7.83 fixes several problems with printing in Windows 2000, and adds Minolta PageWorks 20 printer support.
Download WeaveMaker MI 7.82 [3-1-02]
7.82 incorporates an AVL Compu-Dobby III driver

Download WeaveMaker One 4.18 [11-7-00]

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