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WeaveMaker is no longer sold or supported. Customers who have an existing license may re-download the software using the links below.
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Windows 7 & Vista

Statement of Direction for Windows operating systems (posted 12-2009).

Download WeaveMaker MI 8.6.1
Improves the visual appearance of WIF files exported from WeaveMaker. The previous version of WeaveMaker added extra spaces inside WIF files, which caused successive lines to be visually mis-aligned. If you export WIF files from WeaveMaker and then edit those files in a text editor, this version makes the files easier for you to read. There should not be any change in how the WIF files are read by a computer–this only changes how human beings see them.

Download WeaveMaker MI 8.6.0
Fixes two bugs, in Print Preview and Print Draft, that have crept in due to changes in the underlying
1) In Print Preview, the text can be five times its correct size, so that the text sprawls all over the page.
2) In Print Draft, the text may be too large, or it may be missing altogether.

Download WeaveMaker MI 8.5.0
Improves registration under the Vista operating system.

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